Our story started in St. Petersburg. We lived in one of the most beautiful Russian city and had an absolutely normal life — the job, the salary, the apartment, the car, every evening some entertainment and short weekends. Then we understood that life is so short, time is so fast and we don’t remember what happened 1 week ago or 2 weeks ago. All days were the same.


A very old world map reminded us of other countries, but we did not see it.
That day we changed our mind and decided to go around the world.
It was very difficult and scary to leave our jobs, friends, parents, to get out of our comfort zone. Obviously, everybody has this moment in his life — now or never.
We quit our jobs, found new tenants to sublet our apartment to, packed our backpacks and went on the road.


The first hitchhiking from St. Petersburg to Moscow we have done on Alice’s birthday. First night in the tent we did not sleep — we were afraid of everything: every noise, every sound. But when we woke up in the morning and have seen camomiles around, we understood all of our fears existed in our minds only.


When we stepped onto the road, we did not know that the road is the best institute of life. We were afraid of everything, had a lot of worries and so little sleep, but the road took pity and gave us invaluable meeting with unique people. Every time we had no place to spend the night or we were tired, and we wanted to shower or eat, but road helped us to find a way.


Even when we were arrested by the police in Germany for hitchhiking on the highway, even when we were walking in the rain on loose field in Italy, even when we spent the night in the cramped room in Paris, resting our heads in the oven door and feet to the bed of our host, even when the river flooded our tent in Poland or when in the Czech Republic drivers were thinking that we are prostitutes, when we overate magic cakes in Amsterdam and could not find a way out of the supermarket, when we were in a room without a toilet at night in Venice, running to use the channels instead, when we were late for the plane from Budapest to London and by miracle got there through 300 kilometers within four hours, when we said goodbye to our guitar, and it was allowed on the airplane and have allocated a separate compartment, when we were picked up by a driver in a car running on sunflower oil, and when the driver fell asleep and we stirred the wheel all night without a map, when we were sleeping in the parks of Berlin, Liverpool, Florence and Rome, when we were not allowed to go to Ukraine and we had to go through Bulgaria to the Black Sea, when we were dying from heat in Zanzibar, nearly died of thirst at the lake Natron in Tanzania, sailed unreliable sailing boat in Mozambique, fell ill with malaria in Zimbabwe, fled from a leopard in Namibia, stepped foot on a dead road in Zambia were driving past the war tribes in Kenya, and lodged in the hills of Ethiopia, to hide from the people, froze to death in northern California in the United States or at the train station in New York. Every day we have guarded the road, surrounded by care and send us the necessary and important people.


We have changed a lot during the trip, and always repeat — it is impossible to take with you the last phone models and beautiful sweater in the last journey. All that really matters are life experiences and memories. So hit the road! »

Our route on the map



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